Scottish Progressives Call For School Vouchers

A Major Rethink is Needed on Scottish Education

The Scottish Progressive Party is challenging the Scottish Government to haul its education policy into the 21st century by issuing means-tested school vouchers.  This would not only give all parents their choice of school, it would rapidly drive up standards as well. Similar schemes in the USA, Latin America and Sweden have delivered major improvements in their schools without any of the ill-effects frequently cited by critics of the system. 

Parents are issued with vouchers to pay for their children’s education at a school of their choice.  The principle is compellingly simple. The state pays; parents choose; schools compete; standards rise; everybody gains.  Parents have the option of choosing state or independent schools dependent on their requirements. School vouchers would be means tested to ensure fairness. 

The Scottish Government has recently taken universities to task for not accepting enough pupils from deprived backgrounds.  However, the blame does not lie with our universities, it lies with our failing state-controlled primary and secondary schools.  Scottish education was once the best in the world but we have now fallen behind.  Means-tested school vouchers would put all pupils, rich and poor, on a level playing field. They would also give all parents the ability to obtain the best possible education for their children at no extra cost to the state.